What do you need to know before choosing an accommodation?

For international students that decide to study abroad, choosing the right accommodation can be a difficult experience. That’s why the Mobility Department is offering some suggestions and advices when you decide to do so in Óbuda University.  In general, there are some choices like apartment living and student private dormitories. 
In the case of apartment living and student private dormitories we are not responsible for the consequences that your choice might lead to, but what we can do is advising and directing you towards non risky situations.
The University CAN NOT offer dormitory accommodation at it's own dormitories due to the very low capacity and preference of full-time students.
Set a budget and consider the costs
In Budapest, prices are changing from year to year. You should decide on what can you afford to spend on rent each month. Depending on what accommodation you choose, a payment may be required before your student scholarship/grant arrives so it’s important to know how much is due and when. Don’t forget to factor in bills. These are usually included in the price for student private dormitories but aren’t for all types of accommodation (apartments/studios), and you don’t want to be caught out with an unexpected bill.
Consider the location but focus more on researching safe areas
The location where you want to live is a very personal decision, a great location for one student might not be so great for another. You want to make sure you are within a reasonable distance to location of your faculty or at least to a bus, train or metro that can take you there. Being able to go from your living place straight into your lecture might sound a good idea but on the other hand, you should consider also if you want to take part in other activities. Fortunately, in Budapest, the public transport is well organised and you can reach relatively long distances in a short time. Based in our experiences and research, places located a bit far from city centre (pest side) are less expensive. Moreover, you should also pay attention on living in a safe area where the night transport is not a big issue. 
Pay attention to websites and social networks posts
Some places sound too good to be true and a student can be a victim of Social Engineering tricks. These fake sites are a point of call for those in search of cheap student accommodation but there are many scammers in the world of internet we live in nowadays. They are continually looking to take advantage of people that are more than willing to pay a deposit to hold a room in a shared flat or a studio/private flat that is in a perfect location at a perfect price. The best thing is to not pay money for a place that you have not seen if you do not have a legal contract!  Anyway in the case of new students this might be difficult because of their arrival time and they might want to live in their chosen accommodation once they are in Budapest. 
Here we can suggest some links with useful information:

The experience with the companies are good, but please note:

The content of such third party sites is not within our control.

We cannot and will not take responsibility for the information provided in such sites.

We kindly suggest you to pay attention to the above mentioned advices!


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