Wed, 2023/04/12 - 10:34

Dear Visitors, Students, Partners!
From the beginning of April 2023 we switched our nomination method for incoming students to Óbuda University to online form. This form can be found here:

Tue, 2021/12/07 - 11:49

The list of curriculums of the Keleti Faculty of Business and Management are fully uploaded to Subject list tab of spring 2021/2022

Wed, 2021/09/01 - 09:23

Late guidelines for the entry vaccination

Mon, 2021/04/26 - 15:40

Are you also interested in sports and some great results? Have a look at the exhibition of your schoolmates!

Mon, 2021/04/12 - 13:07

Every year, world days are organized by the United Nations and UNESCO, they advertise international years and decades. Want to learn more about these current and high-profile topics?Some of these days will be introduced by students studying the subject International Project.You can learn interesting facts and even take part in competitions.

Wed, 2021/03/24 - 13:58

Dear Stipendium Hungaricum students,

Fri, 2020/06/05 - 10:48

COVID-19 UPDATE (13.07.2020)

Dear Visitors, Students, Colleagues,

(26.08.2020): The Government of Hungary anounced new restrictions and severity on border passing, the new rules can be found here:

Mon, 2020/04/06 - 10:11

HEY YOU, we are preparing a PHOTO-CHALLENGE which you will never forget.