World UN-UNESCO Days – online exhibition series

Every year, world days are organized by the United Nations and UNESCO, they advertise international years and decades. Want to learn more about these current and high-profile topics?Some of these days will be introduced by students studying the subject International Project.You can learn interesting facts and even take part in competitions.

The first exhibition was opened by students on March 28 on World Forest Day.Forest management to preserve the Earth’s existing forests can be crucial in preventing future epidemics.At the same time, it is worrying that more than four million hectares of tropical rainforest were destroyed last year.The exhibition can be visited on Instagram under theforest.savers.

We have been celebrating International Day of Human Space Flight since 1968, remembering that on April 12, 1961, the world’s first human spacecraft was launched into orbit in the Soviet Union, with Major Yuri Gagarin flying on board.

The topics of the other exhibitions are also very exciting and current, you can find out more about the exhibitions at

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