Application Process for Staff

  1. Fill in the Application form (click here to download) and the Mobility Agreement (click here to download).
  2. Send a signed version of the documents to your Hungarian departmental partner. You can send it via e-mail, scanned in pdf. Please put in the CC field the address of our Mobility Department: If you do not know the departmental partner, send the documents only to the Mobility Department:
  3. You will get the acceptance (signed Mobility Agreement) via e-mail.
  4. If you need a visa for Hungary, please let us know. An official invitation will be sent via e-mail or by post.
  5. Load down the grant agreement and fill in with your personal data. Please send it to the .  You will get the grant agreement signed from the Hungarian part. Sign and scan it, and send it back to the
  6. IMPORTANT: please remember that we need both the mobility and the grant agreement with original signatures. So do not forget to take the original papers to Hungary.
  7. After your visit in Hungary you will get an e-mail with a link and password. You have to write an online report.