Erasmus application for traineeship for Stipendium Hungaricum students (after absolutorium)

Dear Stipendium Hungaricum students,

We are happy to announce a very recent scholarship opportunity for you: from now on, you can apply for traineeship in the framework of the Erasmus+ program. It means that after you receive your absolutorium - so you have completed all your subjects at the University- you can start your Erasmus internship in an EU country. 

It is good to know that this opportunity for Stipendium scholarship holders is very new, so we would like to ask for your patience regarding the process. Thank you.

Details regarding application: 

Application procedure

  1. Find yourself placement for your traineeship. The requirements are the following:

             - You must have an acceptance letter from your traineeship place when you apply

-Your placement must be within the European Union 

-The placement cannot be in Hungary

-The placement must be in connection with your studies 

-The traineeship period must be a minimum of 60 days but a maximum of 360 days

-The traineeship period cannot be interrupted with a break

-The traineeship can be started only after receiving your final examination (absolutorium)

-You cannot receive Stipendium Hungaricun scholarship during your Erasmus traineeship (no double financing)

-You must obtain visa in the country where you have your traineeship during the whole period



You cannot apply for the scholarship until you have a traineeship placement!


  1. Contact your faculty Erasmus coordinator:

Contact your Erasmus coordinator at ÓE after you have a traineeship place! 

She/he will inform you regarding application documents.


Erasmus coordinators:

AMK: Dr. Udvardy Péter,

BGK: Dr. Szakács Tamás,

KGK: Loraszkó Andrea,

KVK: Dr. Kovács Judit,

NIK: Vörösné Bánáti-Baumann Anna,

NIK: Szabó-Resch Zsolt,

RKK: Virágh Tibor,

YBL: Fáczányi Zsuzsanna,

YBL: Kolontáry Ágnes,

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