Summer School in Bor, Serbia

Our students took an active part in the summer school's program, from 02/10/2016 until 07/10/2016. The conference's title was Ecological Entrepreneurship: Innovation Management for Technical Products and Intellectual Property, organized by RESITA network. The attendants had an oppurtinity to participate in the 6th International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management- EMFM 2016 also.

International fair


Come and enjoy it!




Welcome Day

Welcome day:

7th   February 2012, 10:00. You should come to the following address:

1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező utca 14-18, (new building), basement. 

Opening hours in the summer

The centre for International Mobility is in July closed. Hopening hours in August until 26th of August: every Thursday, 09:30-15:00. From 27th of August the office will be open.

Felhívás film készítésére

Call for films from higher education students (all areas of education) - dead-line of the "Erasmus Film Fest" has been extended until next April 27 - Money prizes –

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