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Megjegyzés: IPCV programban részt vevõ partnerintézmény - CSAK erõs képfeldolgozási elõismerettel javasolt

Figyelem! Fontos információ a jelentkezés módjával kapcsolatban:

The University of Eastern Finland welcomes nominations for student exchange
for the autumn semester 2019 (September-December), for the full academic
year 2019-2020 (September-May), and for the spring semester 2020 (January-May).
Coordinators at partner universities are asked to nominate their candidates
for student exchange at UEF by sending an e-mail to International Mobility
The nomination e-mail should include the following information:
   1. Student's complete name
   2. Date of birth
   3. Gender
   4. E-mail address
   5. Duration of exchange (autumn semester, spring semester or full
   academic year)
   6. Is the nomination for Studies or for Traineeship
   7. Campus choice (Joensuu, Kuopio)
*The housing situation on Joensuu Campus will be difficult in autumn 2019
and we encourage you to nominate your students for the spring semester 2020
when possible. Also, we ask you not to nominate more than the maximum
number of students specified in the agreement.*
*Note that it is not possible to nominate after the deadline.*


-          Nominations for the autumn semester (Sep-Dec): 15 April
-          Nominations for the academic year (Sep-May): 15 April
-          Nominations for the spring semester (Jan-May): 15 September
-          Nominations for traineeships: above mentioned deadlines recommended
*What happens after the nomination?*
International Mobility Services will create usernames to our online
application system SoleMOVE. Usernames and application instructions are
then sent directly to the students by e-mail after which they can log in to
the system and fill in the online application.
-          Applications for the autumn semester (Sep-Dec): 30 April
-          Applications for the academic year (Sep-May): 30 April
-          Applications for the spring semester (Jan-May): 30 September
-          Applications for traineeships: above mentioned deadlines recommended
*Please note that it is not possible to apply after the deadlines.*
Applications arriving after 30 April will be considered only for the Spring
semester 2020. Applications arriving after 30 September will be rejected.
*Information on application procedure:*
-          For exchange students
-          For trainees
*Information on courses for exchange students:*
The primary source of information on courses for exchange students is the
Students should choose courses from one campus only and the choice of
courses defines the campus they will be studying on. Also, *majority* of
courses should be from one department/programme.
Please note that we will nor process and sign any Learning Agreements
arriving prior to the application.
The faculties of the University of Eastern Finland admit students. After
receiving the application,  International Mobility Services will forward it
to the appropriate academic department. The department then processes the
application and the proposed learning agreement.
Once International Mobility Services receive an official confirmation of
acceptance from the faculty/department, an official admission document is
issued and sent to the student by e-mail 4-6 weeks after the application
period has ended. At the same time, s/he will receive information on
practical matters.


Paper application forms will not be considered anymore.

More information on applying will be available on our website at


International Student Services
University of Eastern Finland